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'We Love our work and strive to achieve excellence, with outmost respect to our Customers and Partners'

IFB Interexperts was founded in October 2001 by the vision of two entrepreneurs to make an innovating and customer-oriented water treatment company. From the beginning, our goal and commitment were, and still are, to provide water treatment solutions of the highest standard not available in the existing Greek market, as well as high level of after sales service.

Starting with the promotion of its patented electronic descaler, currently known as Aqua Soft II, the company soon expanded into promoting, and later manufacturing, commercial water treatments solution. Over the years the product range expanded to large professional and industrial applications water treatment solution and wastewater treatment systems.

Currently, our product ranges can be categorized in the following:

  • Electronic descaling, the aqua soft range of products
  • Domestic filtration, complete range of filtering solution for households ranging from simple filters to RO units
  • Professional water treatment systems, Ultrafiltration, Reverse osmosis, Heavy metal removal etc.
  • Desalination systems
  • Civil Wastewater systems, sizing from small households to large hotels and municipalities
  • Industrial Water and Wastewater applications
  • Swimming Pool equipment

IFB Interexperts continuously trying to expand its product range by making strategic cooperations with suppliers all over the world in order to bring the most innovating products and solutions to the Greek market.

Our Vision

We strive to provide to our Customers the most efficient and sustainable solutions so they can continue to operate with the most beneficial way for the society and the environment.


Our Goal

Is to be a pioneer water and wastewater treatment company, offering unique and innovating solutions to the Greek Market 




Water and Wasterwater Treatment Systems, Swimming Pools Equipment 

Pefkon 6, Metamorfosi Athens, 144 51

Tel : +30 210 4101540 / Fax : +30 210 4101541

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